January 19, 2011

Pure American't Muscle

Good enough for Paul Newman, good enough for you. The Skyline has been around, in some form or another, since the mid 50s, and still graces the streets, tracks, and Paul Walker films today.

Signing Paul Newman as their official spokesman in the 80s, Nissan not only solidified the badge as the most aspirational whip in Japan, but single-handedly nearly killed Newman's career. Thank god youtube wasn't around and Newman's publicists were able to quarantine the commercials on The Island. Regardless of the car's "awkward years" and recent incarnation to super car status, the 70s models remain some of the toughest silhouettes to catch barges from the land of the rising sun. The 77 model now sits comfortably on my bucket whips bucket list.

I don't know about you, but I'd certainly pony up after seeing the following commercial. Seeing as how the rest of Japan is enjoying the surge in outdoorsy Americana, it seems Nissan should swap out the car for a GTR model, leave the rest alone and watch sales sky rocket. Hell, maybe even a Filson Collab?