January 4, 2011

And Now...

Back to a bunch of stuff we can't afford. My love and obsessive Internet searching for Sinns led me to Kobold, a US-based watch maker which boasts no more than 2,500 watches made a year. 2,500 not because they can't sell them, but because they paid attention in Econ 101 and mastered the supply and demand charts.

The chronos below will push you back about 4K, which happens to be about $3,996.34 more than I have right now, but I'm working on a plan. My favorite part of the Kobold site is the section which showcases their "ambassadors," a collection of men and women worthy of starring roles in Dos Equis commercials. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they didn't have any bloggers in their ranks... a fact I plan on exploiting. Everest... whatever. Just make it 2,501 and the secret dies with me.