December 9, 2010

Shooter, Shooter, Shooter

I went to the camera store the other day to look for an equipment bag. I have just enough pieces in my kit to necessitate such a purchase, so I headed over to Samy's to see what they were pushing. Out of the two aisles of bags, I found one that was decent at best, but gave up on the whole trip once I saw the price tag. 350 bucks for some small canvas bag with a couple movable partitions... nope. Discouraged, I went home and did what I normally do in this situation... turn to military surplus.

Turns out "shooter's" and "tactical gear" bags are just about perfect for what I was looking for. Eagle's "escape and evasion bag" is a nice one for about 170, and you can find way cheaper as well. Most come with the same adjustable Velcro partitions as the $350 deal you get at Samy's. In the words of Vince, "I don't know, it sells itself."