December 20, 2010

For The Guy Who Has Everything

... or wants a ton of shit he sees on blogs you can't afford to get him.

While shopping for a nephew the other day, I came across an aisle in a toy store I couldn't pull myself away from. It was like stepping into a time machine which let me out in my version of Aladdin's cave circa '86. Legos, Constructs, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Amaze 'N Marbles and of course Erector sets. I found myself forgetting all about my little nephew while trying to figure out how I could justify spending a few hundred dollars on myself a few days before Christmas... on toys.

Seeing all of those endless possibilities packed into bright, colorful packages made me remember what it was like to create for creating-sake. What it was like to clear a space in my messy room big enough to dump out a Tupperware container filled with the remnants of random Lego sets acquired over the span of my short life. And what it was like to lose myself in my own creativity, learning the meaning of structural integrity. If walking down an aisle in a toy store can bring all that back for me, just imagine what an actual Erector Set would do for someone. Grab an old set on eBay or just go to the toy store. Hell, pick one up for yourself too.