December 7, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Tucked away on a small side street in SoHo hides one of the most fun retail experiences in NYC. EXTRA is filled with all the curiosities and what-the-fuck-is-thatities one could dream of. Not only is the small shop filled with mind blowingly rare and obscure whosits and whatsits galore, but the owner is the nicest man I had the pleasure of speaking with in NYC... sorry, Myles. He knows dates, places of origins, and years of production, and if he doesn't, he must've done one hell of a job covering it up because I was a believer. Whether you NEED the stack of Whole Earth catalogs, the black chalkboard map, or the floating pocket knife is besides the point, because I'm sure they'd all make perfect holiday gifts for someone.