October 4, 2010

Time To Get Illuminated

I have an oven, a cable box, a computer, and a phone, but no clock. In our fast-paced world of light weight gadgetry, we've come to expect our electronics to multi-task like summer interns, and have forgotten the loyalty of those single-action appliances. Yes, loyalty. Like a bowing servant, a clock wants nothing more than to tell you time. It works for you, it lives for you and wants nothing in return. I can't say the same thing about my phone. Sure, it tells me the time and splits restaurant bills, and gets my email and takes my photos, but I also can't help but to feel it does something else -- owns me. It does so much and plays such and integral role in my day to day, I feel like I punch the card for it. And it's only getting worse.

So, what can we do, (enter segue) we can buy a clock. After a long day at the office and with sore thumbs from pounding on 6" screens, we can come home and allow the clock to please us, to fulfill its destiny, and tell us the time. Like a loyal lapdog, it will be there waiting. My offering to the homage to appliances-gone-by -- the Nixie clock. Old technology done right, and it looks better than my phone. Hit eBay, or a spend a few bucks on this one from Puhlman.