October 20, 2010

... If You Can

Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from? What is the best car chase ever captured on film? Questions as old as the internet itself, these are a few of the great mysteries the world may never know the answer to, but at least we can take a poll and get a general idea.

My buddies at Man On The Move and I were discussing this very perplexing question of epic car chaseness, when we had the idea to simply put it to a vote amongst our readers, and let you decide. So, what is the best car chase ever to be splashed across the silver screen? From Bullitt to Bandit, from Rock to Ronin, what scene has stood the test of time and deserves top pedestal? As a bonus, the boys at MOTM have agreed to recreate the winning scene using nothing but tooth picks, cats, dental floss, and a Polaroid... should be well worth it.