October 13, 2010

For God's Seiks

Yup, that's right, Eric, another post on watches. A couple people have been asking me what I think the new "trend" in watches is going to be after military. Shit, I don't know. But I do know what I like. The Seiko SRP027 has some military genes in its aesthetic, but thats about it, they're more sport than anything. After the boom in mods, it seems Seiko took notice and started producing a few skus modeled after the custom pieces littering the watch forums. I didn't know about the black crown guard at first, but it's since grown on me. The contrast to the steel does something nice and balances the face. Anyway, by no means a trend, but certainly a nice little piece for the cash... around $250.

Also in blaque...

Photo By: Dan McCudden