September 26, 2010

Final Four

Someone asked me the other day what the most important things are to a man's everyday look. I thought the answer was simple -- a good watch, pair of sunglasses, wallet and shoes. You get those taken care of and it almost doesn't matter what else you throw on -- from cut-offs and a vintage tee to khakis and an oxford. As unimpressive as it may be, this has pretty much been my kit for the last while. Although everything changes from day to day besides the wallet, 7 out of 10 times you catch me out of my house, it'll probably be close to this.

So what is it, what's on you right now? What are the 4 most practical and classic staples? If you could have one watch, one wallet, one pair of shoes and a pair of sunglasses for the rest of your days, what would it be?

*Updated with a few pics from readers... keep 'em comin.

Ryan C.

Lorenzo Diggins

Christopher Swift

Chris Leeuw

Eric Schwesinger