August 22, 2010

Wha Happan?

I got pretty burned out on flea markets after having a job that required giving up weekends to scavenge them. However, since I have an old friend in town, I decided to hit the Fairfax Flea and see what there was to see... which as it turned out... wasn't much. It seems due to the ever-fluctuating and often unstable economy, most of the decent vendors have been replaced with men and women pursuing unconventional means of income via their creative passions in action-painting and jewelry assemblage. I get it, we all gotta do what we gotta do during these tough times, but damn, I'm not sure which I like to give up my Sunday mornings for more -- the shirtless hippie peddling his metal jewelry made from found car parts, claiming it to be "an LA thing," or the over-priced WWII garb that used to clutter the aisles. Hey, at least they're making something. Whatever, the paintings of dogs decked in full military dress are always worth the trip. A few other diamonds in the rough after the jump.