August 25, 2010

Made (And Shot) In America

Any design trend involving a shotgun is a design trend I need to at least pay attention to. From the Gieves & Hawkes "buckshot brogue" (which I am actually a fan of) to that short-lived tee line which proudly attached the shell casing that delivered the sporadic hole pattern to every shirt. I can't help but to think the trend emerged more from the sheer desire to break and shoot things rather than the need to allow spontaneous design to appear organically. Although the thought of shooting a pair of shoes for design sake may seem a bit contrived and useless, the idea of utilizing the method in a functional way seems more novel.

The problem -- light doesn't pass through metal. The solution -- put holes in it. The method -- shoot the shit out of it with a pump-action 12 gauge. I'm sold. In fact, as I type this I can't help but to look around my house asking myself which possessions would look and function better with tiny holes in them. My answer -- most of them.

"Yes, that light would, in fact work better after unloading a Benelli into it." I couldn't agree more, John. Check out the rest of John's creations which he hand-makes over in his shop in Illinois, and support your local craftsman.