August 31, 2010

Espada, Prada, The Chopper It Got The Uzi Lens

Like many stylish statements made in the 60s and 70s, the Lamborghini Espada was designed to be cool, was, became horribly dated, and today ends up standing out for the very audacity and penache' that made it so damn great to begin with. It's as if the car stood still as time walked around it, catching the same angles in different lights, only to stop in front of it again, with the Espada framed in the spotlight it was made to be under. Sure, I see 10 Lambos a day driven through this city by guys who think dropping 200k on a black and gold badge will allow them class -- this is another level. Ain't nobody gots these!

Thanks to the design skills of Marcello Gandini, the Espada boasts zero major body styling changes in a ten year run. Not many models out there today can hang with that. Wrap that much class around a V12 and you've got the key ingredients for an icon. Besides the LM002 and the Miura, this is one of the few Lamborghinis I could get down with. Not too shabby for the equivalent of paying a quarter million dollars for a John Deere super car.