August 5, 2010

Buy It Now

A quick pick of my top ten or so "needs" on eBay right now. Needs? Yeah, I'm okay saying needs. I mean, shit, who doesn't need a life-size Andy Warhol doll and a Unimog to carry it home in? And this time, no bitching about this website "altering the eBay landscape" and being responsible for pushing the price of that RAF Seiko through the roof, all of these are available to "buy now."

Above: Military issue Leica Directly Above: 1937 Schwinn Deluxe

Yup, Life size

Made In The USA Off The Wall Vans Hi

Yes, A fucking UNIMOG!!!

1983 Redline. Because I couldn't have it in 84.

1960 Porsche Roadster Racecar

Complete 1987 Santa Cruz "Face" boards set

Marantz 2600

Hot Wheels Collection... what?

BMX Casio. Because it's just that rad.

Original Jordan IVs. Because they were my first and only pair of Jordans.

You got a top pick, leave a link. I want to see what tops your eBay search criteria.