July 1, 2010

Em One Thousand Nine Hundred And Forty Five

It's been a while so I figured I'd get right into it. The M-1944 and 1945 Field Pack is the latest installment in my never-ending obsession with olive drab, form-follows-function-yet-still-retains-form, canvas packs. I'm mostly attracted to the lower cargo portion of the kit which was used as a "back-up" or "extra storage" of personal and field items. The pack has a web carrying handle and could be used on its own as a furlough bag. 16x9x9 is just big enough for a decent getaway bag. Good enough for tough-ass men in the 40s, good enough for your weekend to the Hamptons. You can find original WWII and Korean Era bags online for around $20-$60.There were a few on eBay as well.