June 15, 2010

Get Out Of My Dreams

Remember when Honda made cars worthy of film cameos and first dates? Neither do I. But evidently our fathers do. In 1964 Honda offered up the S600 as a mass market car to help with their fledgling transition from motorcycles to automobiles. Taking the place of the S500, the new model put out a few more ponies and boasted of styling cues taken from the Greasy Boot. The coupes, with their limited production run of 1,800 over a three year span, are more than rare and worthy of a little attention these days. Honda tried to capitalize off their one-hit stylish pedigree with the S2000, which fell grossly short of La Dolce Vita and landed all too comfortably in The Fast And The Furious. Well, it seems the S600, with its impressive class win at Nürburgring in '64, earned a fair amount of foliage... laurels Honda, perhaps, should have rested on.

Thanks to my buddy, David (fine, my Dad's buddy, David) for turning me on to this story. Any friend of my Fathers is a friend of mine (especially the ones with an F430 and an '81, single-owner Datsun Z in his garage).