June 2, 2010

Strikes Again

Any sucka off the street with a 5D thinks they're a "filmmaker" these days. Well, you know what? If they make things this beautiful, I'll call them whatever they want. These digis have come so far, there is basically no need to pony up the cash for an HD cam of any sort. Yeah yeah, "but the Red, the RED!" I don't care. A 7D, a few hundred on a rig and some lenses and you're ready to take on Hollywood. I get that you still need "the eye' and a keen sense of mise en scene (thanks, city college film studies), but even the most horribly framed and edited pieces of shit will at least look decent because of these cameras. Perhaps you CAN polish a turd and these cameras are just the holy cloth to do it. They sure as hell might make amateur film fests all that much more bearable.

Excuse the rant as the below piece has NOTHING to do with it. I've watched this video three times and plan on a few more before bedtime. Thanks to Axis Of Oversteer for digging up the vid and keeping me entertained with all the latest news in racing. Check out the page from time to time for a little commentary and eye candy.