June 2, 2010

Don't Tread On Me

Ever since I bought two 1940's Afghan rugs the other week I've been hooked. Living in LA, we are blessed with a plethora of rug stores on every corner (no, really... EVERY corner). I've spent most of my time here passing them up, but a strategically-placed, "80% off. Lost My Lease. Everything Must Go. Last Day" sign called me to pull over. It seems it takes the lure of paying only 20% to get me to fully appreciate the patterns and colors in these hand-woven pieces. After hearing the owner's sob stories of hardship in this economy and immediately negotiating with him (heartless, I know), I walked out and stuffed the two rolls in my backseat. I was proud to have contributed to the man's realization of his dream of owning a store in Los Angeles, even if it was on the last day of that American dream. Don't feel too bad for the old guy, it seems it's still his last day seeing as how the damn signs are STILL up three weeks later!!! Evidently the whole "Last Day" ploy is as old as most of the rugs supposedly are. I think next time I go rug shopping, I'll walk in and exclaim, "This is the last day I'm buying," and see what deals fly my way.

All of the above rugs are on eBay right now. LAST DAY!!!!!!