May 27, 2010

The Ultimatest Driving Machinery

The other day I was driving 3rd, pulled to a red light and glanced to my right. My eyes fell directly on the unmistakable nose of an early 90s 8 series. A sight I've probably seen a hundred times since these things were new on the street, but this moment was different than the rest. It was as if I had instantly reverted back to a ten-year-old, sitting in the back of my mom's Oldsmobile Silhouette, watching the traffic gather at red lights seeing an 8 series for the first time. Like a suppressed memory brought back to the forefront of my consciousness by some stressful situation or trigger, except there were no triggers or stressful events, just a red light. I had forgotten I loved these cars. I had forgotten that as a kid I dreamt of driving one, thinking it was the coolest, fastest looking car on the streets.

Fascinating how time puts life in perspective. Nope, I don't still view this car with the same reverence as my ten-year-old self. I don't think it's the fastest looking, coolest car of its time, but I do still want one for some reason. If you don't agree with me, just check out what the car is capable of doing in the 1990 commercial. Is the car controlling the woman or is the woman controlling to the car? The woman is the human manifestation of the 8 series? The 8 series makes strange women dance in the streets of East LA and disappear? I would've loved to have been in the room when the agency pitched this one.