May 17, 2010

Day: Wrecked

I'm still recouping from my lightning road trip this past week so forgive the lack in posts. I clocked a good 45 hours at the wheel or co-piloting a Sprinter loaded with motorcycles, so needless to say I'm still sleeping off the sticky filth of life on the highway. I'm sifting through the rolls of film shot on my iPhone to do a proper photo recap, so until then how about a nice little day-wrecker courtesy of The Autosport Bulletin Board. This is one of the best collections of vintage photos of the raddest shit I've ever encountered. Although thumbing through the 125 pages of blinking emoticons and poor grammar can get arduous, the photos more than make up for it. Settle in and get to digging for all the gems needed to bling out your "finely-curated Tumblr blog."