April 1, 2010

That's A Whole Lotta BMX

I'm an advocate of the 26" BMX bike. It has a celebrated role in the history of the sport and is often greeted with smiles of fond nostalgia. These days, they are more of a novelty and reserved for means of transportation rather than tracking, but they're still a pretty good alternative to the fixed and road bikes cluttering the racks. SE has done little wrong in my eyes in the last couple of decades. They've given the world some of the most iconic bicycles and done it all while maintaining their cooler-than-everyone-else status.

My question is, at what point does a BMX bike stop being a BMX bike and becomes... a bike? My answer is, when it comes with 29" wheels. Yup, the SE Big Ripper is 29" of BMX style with pretty much nothing to do with BMX. Yeah, it looks like one, it has wheels, but it just isn't. I might just stick to my 24s and 26s, but nonetheless I saw a guy the other day riding one at the beach and I must say given the choice, I'd probably pick the Big Ripper over the other beach cruisers.