April 7, 2010

Nerd Out

Bored at work? Need a few minutes to pass the time before your meeting or whatever it is you do in the morning after checking this site? Well, do as I did yesterday and Google Earth cool stuff like aircraft boneyards (yes, I used Google Earth as a verb). I remember seeing these places on TV and in movies and thinking they must be the most magical of all places on the planet. I don't know of many boys who don't have a fascination with airplanes, and the thought of hundreds in one place, with a real possibility of climbing in, on and around them always seemed mythical. In fact, I would still happily accept any offer to road-trip to one of these yards, provided the possibility of being shot by MPs is not prevalent.

Don't you dare judge me and my use of free time! I know some of you have nerded out harder than this on Google Earth before. If you have, leave a comment and tell me how I should waste my time.

...and yes, I tweaked the photos a bit. C'mon, I said I was bored.