April 22, 2010

I'm Seeing Red

I've been fostering my semi-unhealthy obsession with watches by not only securing this custom-built piece, but by also by endlessly lusting after infamous models such as the Rolex "Red" Submariner. When the model was first introduced in '67 it was adorned with the word 'Submariner' painted in red. A bold yet classy move. Because of routine maintenance by Rolex, where these dials were often swapped out with newer versions sans red markings, these early examples (apprx '67-'73), in decent condition, have become some of the most sought after time pieces. You're going to pay a premium and wade through a sea of fakes to wrap your wrist in highlights of red, but does the guy sitting next to you have a red sub? It's the little red things in life that get me up in the mornings.

Photos courtesy of here and here.