April 16, 2010

... But Then I'd Have To Kill You

I think I'm the only person in the country who is flying East instead of West for Coachella this weekend. But I couldn't let Palm Springs have all the fun without me, so I hit the 10 and spent the day in the desert heat. The calm before the storm so to speak. Truth be told, Jay Z had invited me out to talk about blogging. No, for real, me and Jigga are like this (index and middle fingers intertwined).

I hate to say it, but as great as Palm Springs is, there isn't all that much to do outside of hanging out at the Ace pool and renting dune buggies. So, if you find yourself in the searing heat for a little Lucero, Jonsi and De La Soul, stop by the new Secret Service shop at 490 Indian Palms Rd. Forgot your Cycle Zombies hoodie and Mark McNairy chukkas? They got you covered. I could call it an "oasis," but then I'd have to kick my own ass. Drop by this weekend before the shows for some free BBQ and beers. Shawn said he was going to stop by on Saturday. He also told me it's now his 7th favorite store in Palm Springs. H to the IZZO!