March 19, 2010

It Just Is

There is no why. Every now and again certain situations come up in life that... just are, and that's just it. If you were to ask photographer, Scott Toepfer, "why," he'd probably respond by taking your picture. Because that's why. Because sometimes it's better to react to the moment rather than act with it. Because sometimes life is better understood when it just happens, and sometimes when it just happens at 80mph.

The idea is simple: Get a group of friends together, plot out a loose route taking you through some of the most scenic stretches of the Golden State, throw a camera in your bag, and kick the engines over. Forget everything except syncing the beat of your favorite song to the faded yellow lines of the cracked highway. Remember everything while you feel every subtle temperature change as the undulating road rises and falls with the geography. The beginning and the end are written, point A and point B are circled on the map, but the plot, the stories that unfold gracefully at the speed of life are yet to be determined. A photo essay on friends riding motorcycles, a life lesson on prioritizing, a chance to dream with your eyes peeled, or an experience for the sake of experiencing. Whatever you call it, it's certain that it all must be better in the wind.

Visit the website, get information on the opening parties and available prints, or just email Scott and demand to go on the ride.