March 16, 2010

... I Really Think So

This particular import has gotten a little bit of play here on ATG before, but it's just so damn smooth I can't seem to leave good enough alone. Although scenes of The Fast And The Furious (the first one, of course) play out in my head at the mention of Japanese imports, every now and again the sleek, sexy lines of this beautiful 1967 2000GT creep in and make me rethink the whole genre. Evidently there was a day when Toyota made cars more fit for Le Mans than the bro-accented acting of Paul Walker. Again, I flaunt the streotype with reckless abandon, but all for the sake of highlighting one of the better designed cars of 1967. Ford molested the archives of '67 with the new gen Mustang, so maybe there's a chance we'll see Toyota flirt with these curves sometime soon.