March 24, 2010

AA Meeting

If I'm wearing a plain tee, chances are it's going to be a white one that comes in a 5-pack which I bought at Target and has a "HANES" printed on the inside neck. That being said, I'm always on the lookout for other brands of plain tees (white tees exempt as I don't think anyone can sway me from the power of the Hanes white tee). I've had zero to little luck with this so far, and I've gone so far as pricing out dye houses to get some decent color into my beloved Hanes.

Then, as luck would have it, I stumbled into an American Apparel. I hadn't been to one in probably years, as my need for "jeggings," silver sweatbands, and louvered sunglasses has drastically tapered in the last few years. Tapered? I've tried plenty of AA products before and have always ended up falling somewhere between disappointed and confused (why is it when washing certain shirts, they shrink up and stretch out, making the silhouette more reminiscent of a bell than a t-shirt?). Well, this trip to AA was shaping up to be no different when a heather grey tee caught my eye.

Like a siren calling through the night (and by night I mean neon, metallic pants and "legalize gay" tees), I was drawn to it. It felt right. It looked right. Hell, it even smelled right. Must be right. I paid the 20 bucks and have barely taken it off since. If twenty dollars isn't too much to pay for a plain tee you'll wear until it comes apart, then go pick up the 50/25/25 Track Shirt.