February 24, 2010

Print's Dead!

I've said it here before, and I'll say it here again -- Sometimes you just need to wear a good old t-shirt and jeans. 60/40s, mackinaws, oxfords, waxed whatnots and the like... yeah, there's a time and a place, but don't ever forget the plain and the simple. We all love the epic photos of our heroes wearing t-shirts atop motorcycles and behind wheels, yet somehow the trends tell us that you aren't properly dressed until three layers are between you and the elements, even if that element is pure golden sunshine. And I'm not just talking the plain white tee either, I'm talking about the importance of the vintage graphic tee. I say stand up. Stand up to the winged skulls and gothic type. The all-over and the panel print. The flash art and gold foil. The embellished and whipped stitched. Take back the graphic tee. Take it back!

All the above are originals, courtesy of THIS eBay seller.