February 18, 2010

But It's Just Pictures...

I can't lie, I have had mixed feelings about photo blogs in the past. You know, the tumblr sites that collect other photos from other tumblr sites? Then I realized it takes time to sift through all the crap on the internet to find a few pictures, that when displayed in one place, is a visual representation of the curator. What, I'm supposed to feel as if ATG is any different just because I write a few poorly formed sentences about the random crap I post about? No, it all takes time and love, and we all have those few sites we can count on to show us new things every morning.

Johan + Francoise and Endless Me have put together two of my current top morning reads. A few of the "fashiony" pics miss the mark a little with me, but to each his own. Both drastically different, and both not only showcasing the standards, but also showing me things I didn't even know I liked. That's when you know it's good. I could have grabbed a bunch of pictures from these sites and put them up here to give you a taste before you click... but I hate when people just take photos from other blogs and post them... c'mon... that was a joke.