January 12, 2010

We All Shine On

One of the best kept secrets, nobody's keeping, in Los Angeles. Shine Gallery is hidden out in the open at the back of The Farmer's Market at The Grove. It's one of my stops on my LA tour when people come from out of town. SG has the biggest collection of deadstock toys, sports memorabilia, gag gifts, patches and everything else awesome you could imagine. Over the last couple years I've personally bought everything from a Kennedy campaign bumper sticker to a deck of trick cards (maybe I can walk down Alameda shuffling them??). The prices are reasonable compared to the ridiculousness of the the Rose Bowl and you never know what random prizes and treasures will be there when you wander in. When I asked the owner how much stuff he has, he grunted, "man, I have a warehouse full." That's a tour I'll take. Hit the website and score a Dragnet Water Gun for yourself. But get on it, cause when they're gone, yup, they're gone. Next time you're in LA, put it toward the top of your list.