January 27, 2010

Talk To Me Now

Hands down, the best part about my site is being able to meet people I normally might not cross paths with. It's a very large small world and these blogs we all hate to love and love to hate make it smaller, and in turn, for me, make Los Angeles smaller. If I get nothing else out of ATG besides a couple new friends, I'll be forever happy.

Let me introduce you to my newest of these friends, Scott Toepfer. He takes ugly pictures of beautiful things and beautiful pictures of ugly things, and all with that inherent sense of nonchalance every great photographer is born with. His photo-journalistic style gives his images a reality we can relate to yet a surrealism which leaves us longing and wishing we had been there. Great photography isn't just about capturing emotion, but reflecting it. Without that unspoken conversation between the artist and the subject, a photograph becomes simply a picture.