January 25, 2010

Saturdays... All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

The last thing a kid from California would expect to see tucked into the brick buildings of NYC is a surf shop. Single fins are about as scarce in the city as street parking. It wasn't so much the smell of the fresh espresso wafting through the cold air, or even the sound of rock and roll echoing from the storefront that drew me to Saturdays Surf NYC. What really called my name was the mirage of what I thought was a row of surfboards stacked in the window. As I stepped in and was offered a coffee, I realized mine eyes had not deceived and that was in fact a stack of surfboards.

"Because I needed to be close to it," the owner told me when I asked why in NYC. I get that. Keep your friends close and your loves closer. Saturdays gave me a taste of home as refreshing as the coffee brewed in the front of it. Vintage Birdwells, boards, a tight presentation from Los Angeles based The Stronghold, surf photography books, a very well executed line of Saturdays tees and some old school skateboard decks sets the mood and provide an endless summer for NYC locals. Get stoked, shred some gnar and support your local surf shop.