October 6, 2009


Let's face it - we would all rather look at pictures in a book rather than pictures on a website. This is exactly why I love what Ros deGuzman does out of New York City. He makes books out of pictures he takes of things he likes. And lucky for us, he likes motorcycles and the people that build them. Available now is "Document No. 1," a photographic exploration of craftsmen building things with their hands, and loving to do it. Ros takes the pictures, designs and makes the books himself not because he couldn't get his work published, but because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing something come to fruition through sheer determination and little DIY elbow grease. Go order a 158 page, hard-bound book and support local artists. We should all take cues from Ros and the beautiful books he makes, because every once in a while we have to roll up our sleeves and say, "screw you... I'll do it myself."