September 2, 2009

Welcome Home

I was in the neighborhood, so pulled over and visited an old friend, The Garage Company. What an amazing place. It's like a museum where you can test ride and buy everything. Oh, and take photos. I had never been in the back before, so when I walked outside, I think I had to take a seat because my knees got weak and suddenly found it hard to breathe. It was like witnessing the ultimate barn find. Only in this case, the owner knows exactly what he has and there actually isn't a barn at all.

If you've never been, go stop by, even if you have no interest in riding a bike. They have books, hard to find magazines, an amazing collection of vintage and new helmets, enough t-shirts to outfit a motorcycling army and some other cool looking things to stare at. Seriously, I felt cooler walking out of the place than I did walking in. They should charge admission.