September 24, 2009

A Heartbreaking Work Of...

While looking at the work of Ryan Tatar, I can actually hear my heart break. Not because his images evoke emotions of pain or sadness, but because he's something I'll never be. Staring at his photographs is like watching Daniel Day-Lewis act, or Michael Jordan play a game. Not that I ever want to be an actor, play professional basketball, or aspire to be a photographer... but, watching these people do what they do with such perfection solidifies that, despite the fantasies and day dreams, IT'S OFFICIAL - I will never be as good as them.

Although, yes, heartbreaking, I'm okay with it, because these artists give me something to stare at, get lost in and cheer on. The non-photoshoped, desaturated images Ryan takes of ocean-side culture have a relaxing nostalgic hue, and are so professionally executed that they come off looking completely effortless. Like photos from the vacation you never took, you catch yourself reminiscing over the pictures and thinking of how fun and beautiful it was... if only you could've been there.

Whatever!! Does Ryan have a blog?!? Oh yeah, he does, and it's good.