September 22, 2009

Hardcore In The Mechanical Age

I was doing some research the other day and pulled a book from my shelf that I hadn't looked at in years. Graphic Design In The Mechanical Age is an in-depth look into design's growth in the 20s and 30s from Europe, Soviet Union, and America. As I flipped through, old hardcore songs started going through my head - Youth Of Today, Slapshot, Black Flag. The reason? I couldn't help but to see the parallel between these old posters and old hardcore flyers. Hell even in the artists and musicians themselves. The Great Depression - Cut-back in allowance. Starving artist - $2 covers with the house taking $1.95. Design born of necessity. The lack of money can lead to some extraordinary revelations in ingenuity and creativity.

All flyers taken from the best Hardcore Conservationist site in the world, and maybe the only... The Hardcore Archaeologist.