August 31, 2009

We All Slip Up At Some Point

And when we do, let's hope we are caught red-handed looking half as good as these chaps. After posting about Early Sydney Mugshots last month, I got a package in the mail from Australia. I had to think if I had made any off-the-cuff, unsavory comments in my post about the continent being founded by criminals, and if I needed to have the package x-rayed before opening it. Once I remembered I had not, in fact, made any derogatory comments about our brethren to the South, I went ahead and tore in. Inside the package was a book from my friend, Dare. He had taken notice that I had developed a kinship to Australia's underbelly of the early 20th century, and bought me a book, Crooks Like Us, that depicts, in depth, this very topic. Filled with even more impressive portraits, the book documents a time in history when breaking the law had everything to do with dressing like you didn't. If somebody had torn some pages out, showed them to me and told me it was the new Thom Browne look-book, I would've believed them. Serious class.