August 25, 2009

Beauty, Eyes & Beholders

Came across this great flickr set the other day. Soon after, I started thinking about the life and death of things, and all the places in between. Does an object live and then die when it ceases to do the job it was created to do? Does it live on, no matter the actions it performs? Does life rest in the state in which the object is in, or merely in the state the viewer is in? Does it live at all? Does it just take on the life of the thoughts and hands that created it? Or does it die, alone, when its creators are no more than thoughts themselves? I pondered all of these things, gazed upon these images, and shed a tear for what was and what might have been. A tear which came from the solace found in the simple thought that no matter the state of an object, it is not death that is reflected, but life.

No, not really. I just thought these pictures of old rusted warplanes were rad.