July 29, 2009

WASTE SOME TIME: The Fleer Sticker Project

Ran across this blog during one of my endless interweb rambling sessions. That's the beauty of the internet, it's like the final frontier in that the thing just keeps on going forever. I do fear that one day I'll reach the end, but until then, I'll relish in the fact that people devote time, energy and most importantly for us, a website to random things like vintage sports card stickers. Even if you're not a sports fan, you can't deny the impact these icons and logos have had on pop culture and design. Since the bottom fell out of the sports cards market years and years ago, the hobby has become a generally inexpensive way to be a part of, and hold, little pieces of history. Although The Fleer Sticker Project mentions and showcases many cards themselves, the focus is mainly fixed on the game cards, stickers, prize pieces and other "accessories" that often graced the wax-paper packages.

I remember at the height of my baseball collecting days, I was so jealous when my Dad started buying cards and collecting as well. I thought it was so unfair that he could just waltz into the hobby store and buy a couple complete sets like it was nothing while I saved for weeks for a pack of Fleer Ultras. He used to keep his ridiculously well-maintained and sealed collection at the top of his office closet, along with the stacks and stacks of unopened packs. I would often sneak in, precariously climb the wooden, swivel, office chair and take a few packs at a "son rate"... five finger discount. I'm sure he noticed, but if not, sorry Dad. If it means anything, I don't think I ever really scored a great rookie card, and even if I had, the thing wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on today.