July 22, 2009

Sideburn Magazine

Don't worry, you don't need to be a fan of, or know anything about, the sport of flat-track motorcycle racing to enjoy Sideburn Magazine. Although the publication focuses on the rarely talked about sport, they lean towards the less serious aspects and tend to keep on the humorous side of motorcycle racing... and yes, evidently there is one. What Big Brother was for skateboarding, Sideburn is for Flat Tracking. The bikes, gear and sponsors may have changed since Mert and the days of 'On Any Sunday', but all in all, it's the same old sport. Go pick up the 3rd issue for under $10, (it's printed on real nice paper and the photos and witty writing will be more than enough to offset the price) and support the sport, the people that make it happen, and more importantly, the people behind Sideburn.

"Speedway pioneer cigarette cards from the days when tobacco was seen as an essential tonic and toddlers were taught to inhale."

"Yeah, I wish I'd taken waterproof boots. Vans suck in the rain, even high-tops."

"That's where your stories and memories come from. No one wants to hear the one about the trip with the perfect itinerary. Itinerary?"

"Looks are deceiving. That's not helium filling the pink lame bomber jacket, it's teriyaki marinated muscle."

"The problem was I'm not very smart."

"And the frill-free, Far Eastern offerings have the benefit of being as tough as a seagull fillet."

"...this bike is more sexy than your average Thai He-She..."