July 14, 2009

DAY TWO: So it's a train... underground?

Thanks for the comments on where to go. What's the deal with the closed on Monday thing? People don't shop Mondays? Highlights were my cab driver to Penn Station telling me the do's and don'ts of the city, lobster roll at Ed's, and the feeling I got when I learned the dynamic game of "wait at the flippy sign in Penn Station for your train to show a track number and then sprint for the door, throwing elbows at anything in your way... despite age." All fun and games till a day-trader looses an eye. Oh, and the guy I sat next to with gold Rolex and cuff-links, monogrammed shirt, pin-striped suit and 32oz of Bud wrapped in a brown paper bag. DONE. Now in East Hampton, who's up for a game of squash after tea?