July 6, 2009

BEDWIN Winter '09

There are a few things I like, and something I hate about the Bedwin Winter '09 line. Yeah, It's got a lot going for it, but the details for details sake get a bit heavy on the shoulder embroidery and the sleeve screens. That being said, I do like that the collection is a mash-up of newsie-style-paper-slinger wear and circa '83 dogtown, Alva digs. A match made only in Japanese heaven. A heaven that seems fit for me. Raindogs Gray? Of course. I might need to close one eye and hold a thumb or two up to block out a few details, but at a general glance, the overall aesthetic is something I can get into

At least an 'A' for effort for Bedwin giving the old college try on the "updated" looks. A red pea coat might not be the best answer, but neither is an exact replica of a WWII Navy pea coat we've all seen. It doesn't have to be exactly like the original to be classic. Oh, and the thing about the line I hate? Sorry Bedwin, but the pants tucked into the UGGs look went out with Pamela Anderson and the velour tracksuit. (offensive footwear photos omitted from post. see Bedwin site.)

Thanks Jay...