July 8, 2009

2 Reasons To Buy American

The MacArthur and the Sidewinder by Shuron. I'm not a stickler for the 'Made In The USA' criteria. I support it and appreciate it as much as the next patriotic consumer, it's just never been the end all be all for my purchasing needs. With that, whenever possible, I do like to throw my neighbors a little expendable income when I free some up... which isn't so often.

When I was a kid, I used to want glasses, even to the point of faking the eye test to get a failing grade. Then through my teens, I always appreciated my 20/20 vision, even bragged about it to my 4-eyed friends. Freshman year of college, I tried on my roommates glasses for fun (probably to mock him). Ooops. It was as if I had been under water and came up for air when I put them on. He just happened to have almost the same prescription I would soon have to fill. Yep, from then on, it was coke bottles and tortoise shells. At least now I get to partake in the wonderful world of eye wear without having the embarrassment of clear lenses.

These two random tangents? Shuron makes stylish glasses in the US. Check out the WWII pilot's glasses with mother of pearl brow bar. They were a manufacturer back in the 40s, and still sit on a stockpile of vintage frames. Yeah, the ones below are dead-stock, and you can buy them. Stripped down, no frills, bad ass specs. Done and DONE.