June 29, 2009


A collection of things to kill some time before you actually start working today. Things I've seen online or collected, links I dig, and even some eBay auctions you wish you had seen in time.

A look at growing up in Brooklyn in the 70's through one photographer's eyes.

Stetson "Fashion" collection.

WWII Maunsell Forts. Read about them here, and see some great pictures of them on Flickr, here.

Vintage Roller Rink sticker.

Mamod Steam cars and engines. Little kits that run on steam that you order and build at home.

From the people that brought you Band Of Brothers, the second installment from WWII... THE PACIFIC, starting in 2010 on HBO. C'mon new year.

Things you missed on eBay.
* 48 star sewn flag for $50.00.
* Sierra Designs 60/40 Made in US Nylon Parka for $224.72.


One of my favorite, and best photo blogs out there... Yimmy Yayo. WARNING: Naked Girls.

Vans OTW Mid Skool '77.