May 6, 2009

Second Time Around Watch Co.

My buddy, Shaun, and I stopped by a place we had been hearing about for a bit. Although I don't know much about watches (my military watch fans/haters can attest to that), but I am always looking to learn and discover new watches to drool over. Second Time Around Watch Company on Rosewood Ave, just off Robertson and Beverly, is just the place to learn and drool.

Jon Goldfarb was able to answer all of our questions, and in a polite manner, a courtesy not normally extended to us common folk by "watch people". I tried a few on, asked a few prices, picked my jaw off the floor, and left before I maxed out a my credit card on an early 70's Autavia, my new obsession for the week. By far the best piece of information I learned on my visit, is that when some fake Rolexes are opened, instead of the word "Switzerland" inscribed on the movement, "Shitzerland" can often be found. I told Jon that if he came across one of these fakes, to put it aside, because I would buy it just for that reason. Unfortunately, we had to leave not too long after when the scary Russian security guard started yelling at Shaun for taking photos, even though Jon had told us, and him for that matter, multiple times it was okay.

Sorry, the above is not in stock at STAWCo, but I am loving this one anyway. The ones below are, however.

If in LA, check them out. I used to be a fan of Wannabuyawatch, right down the street on Melrose, which has a bigger selection, but Jon is way nicer and more fun to talk to than the WBAW peeps.