May 12, 2009

Property Of...

There are a lot of bags out there. There are a lot of canvas bags out there. There are a lot of canvas bags with leather straps out there... but that still doesn't keep me from liking any of them. Newish company on the radar, Property of... making just that, canvas and leather bags. Oiled canvas, good shades of better colors, and leather straps ... recipe for success. Not cheap, but not crazy expensive either. I went and checked them out at Steven Alan yesterday. They hit all the marks. They look shinier in the website shots than they do in person, which was a relief. I don't need another bag, but if I had a friend who needed one, and it happened to be their birthday, and this friend had just done something really nice to me, something that warranted a $300 birthday present... then I'd totally hook 'em up with a Property Of... bag.

Get yourself one at Steven Alan over on Robertson.