May 5, 2009

HIT LIST: Military Grade Bags for Jodys

Eagle Industries has been making bags out of St Louis, MO since the mid 80s, and produced motorcycle gear for 10 years before that. They got my vote. I'm always looking for military gear to put towards civilian, everyday use. I guess it's that part of me that used to play "guns" and wanted to actually live my life AS a GI JOE figure (not a hell of a lot has changed since then). I'm not sure if there's anything cooler, or more lame, than taking something meant for guns and grenades, and packing it full of socks and woven shirts, but I'll do it anyway.

Made in the USA and compliant with all Berry Amendment requirements, Eagle offers simple, plain, no frill bags with a lifetime guarantee, and all for a decent price. Hey, might not win any uber cool style awards or earn you street cred points, but for road tripping and point A to point B travel, not bad at all. "Is that your sniper rifle in that case?" "No, just a couple pairs of chinos and my boat shoes for the weekend." DONE.