April 7, 2009

WHY NOT: Mr. Winter's Bible

Our friend, Matt Winter, stopped by the other day, bible in tow. After asking if I had accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, he laid down the law of the Lord. He gives a new meaning to using the bible as a weapon of faith, I suppose. Nothing like a 1908 bible and a 1940's PD issue .38 Special. Perfect match. Six shootin' peanut butter to the bible's strawberry jam. (...and no, he didn't really ask if I had, in fact, accepted Jesus Christ into my heart)

I don't know what "it" is about books that hide things, but let me tell ya, there is even more of "it" when it hides a .38. Second best would be a rock hammer... Anyone? Anyone?

- "Yeah, I get that it's not loaded and all, but does it have to sit on the table when we eat at the corner sandwich shop?"
- "Yes."
- "Okay."