April 23, 2009


As you can tell from the mast head above, I love monograms. So regal, refined, sophisticated. Every time I see a haberdashery, I comment on how one day, I will have enough money to have two dozen shirts custom made, exactly how I want them. And of course, how I want them, includes the addition of an embroidered monogram. Because, honestly, what fine, hand made shirt is complete without a monogram?

Okay, well, I say this but when it comes down to it, the thought of me wearing a shirt with my initials neatly stitched into it makes me laugh. It takes me back to freshman PE, where "Coach" could easily differentiate between the two Nicks, by looking at our chests and reading the bold sharpie letters. "Nick.......M, run a lap!!!" "Coach" Varner was a National Golden Gloves Champion, had a Marine Bulldog tattooed on his calf, and spoke in a raspy grumble due to his larynx being crushed during a bench press mishap. I ran the lap.

Maybe I'll just use them for the titles of blogs. Blogs that go on rambling about nothing in particular... like monograms. Here are some good ones. Makes mine look ridiculous.