April 27, 2009

Michael Ulman's Sculptures

One man's trash is another man's 1/4 scale hot rod. Yes, Michael Ulman makes beautiful little things out of trash. Well, not like cartons and cereal boxes, but discarded items all the same. "I look for objects that were destined to some mundane existence and give them new purpose through my sculpture." And we're glad you do. "A frying pan becomes a fender, a vacuum cleaner becomes a sidecar, and a mailbox becomes a hot rod." As well it should.

The only thing that bothers me about Michael's art, is that it seems he could spend all that time, sculpting and assembling, but actually make a bike or car that runs. Am I wrong? What would be better than riding or driving a piece of artwork? Agree with me or not, check out the photos and be blown away. And hey, if you feel so inclined, make an offer. Between 5-20k will get you one for your mantle.