April 14, 2009

Lovers' Land

I have a good life. Nothing extraordinary by any stretch of the imagination, but good. I don't struggle, or lay in bed often wondering where my next meal is coming from. I am not burdened by the thought of terminal illness or homelessness. Yet every once in a while, I get a lump in my stomach, a pain deep down in my core. This familiar feeling sneaks into my heart and settles in my gut every time I read about or see someone not only participating in activities cooler than ones I am involved in, but living a life that far exceeds one I can only dream of. That feeling in my gut?? Jealousy. Complete and utter sinful jealousy. More after the pic below...

I got an email from my friends at DEUS yesterday, and there it was, the feeling, creeping up on me like the ghost of seven deadly sins past. My buddy, Carby, had sent me a link, and as I clicked it, the hollow ache grew stronger. The link was LOVERS' LAND. A blog run by a couple guys. A couple surfing, motorcycle riding, world traveling, exploring, camp fire, guitar singing, never meet a stranger... couple guys. They take beautiful pictures, and live a life... that I am jealous of.

The very good guys at DEUS created three purpose built motorcycles, complete with surfboard racks and gas tank-mounted cameras, and set the three men out on an adventure, one which had no destination, but I'm guessing they figured they'd know it when they saw it. Or at least that's what the romantic in me expects. A modern day Easy Ride through the Australian highway system. In a world that can hardly slow down at the stops, these guys got off the train completely, and laid their own fucking tracks.

Take a look at the site, get lost in the photos, and dream of a life where images like these hide behind every curve and rise with every sun. If the words of Kerouac and the melodies of Dylan don't come rushing to you while you scroll this site, well then, I feel sorry for you. These are the days, these are the photos and these boys... are the real deal.